"Club Seat" Wings $10.00

10 wings including one order of celery and Ranch or Bleu Cheese dipping sauce.

Wing sauces are:  

Hot Caribbean Jerk Teriyaki
Garlic BBQ Smokey Bacon Ranch
Cajun (Dry or Wet) Mango BBQ Ranchero
Garlic Parm Mild Spicy BBQ
RED RIGHT 88    

Boneless Wings $9.00

You can get your wings without the bone-in. Pick your favorite wing sauce listed under the Wings.

Homemade Chicken Tenders $8.00

Fresh and delicious! Includes french fries and choice of a dipping sauce (see wing sauces).

Fried Breaded Portabella Mushrooms $7.00

Hand breaded portabella mushrooms fried to perfection! Served with a side of smokey bacon ranch!

Stadium Nachos

Two layers of homemade tortilla chips, tomato, onion, melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese! It's HUGE

* Chicken $7.00

* Beef $9.00


Potato Skins $7.00

Homemade potato skins loaded with bacon, melted cheddar and mozzarella cheeses! Served with sour cream

Stadium Pizza Rolls $8.00

-  Pepperoni and cheese with marinara


Seasoned chicken, onions, tomatoes, bacon, and melted cheeses in a grilled flour tortilla. Served with sour cream & salsa

Add chicken: $2.00